The thing I love about Photography is: like a great wine, the images only get more valuable as Time goes by.

I love being able to capture people's "Fabulous" because, in the moment, they feel self-confident and beautiful.

But what is even better than that is: years later, they can STILL look at their MISHAFOTOS images and feel good about them-self.

Many women suffer with low self esteem because they don't fit into the Corporate Model Form of what women 'should' be.

I, too, have suffered with esteem issues.

When I was a kid, everyone called me FAT. It had such a negative impact on me and my self worth. I remember always trying to hide my tummy with crossed arms and a slumped posture, and I remember feeling so worthless. It started around the age of 6!

When I look back on old photos, I wasn't fat at all. I was healthy.

I realize that I was a victim of other's expectations and control.

My best childhood friend, Amanda Ellis, recently reminded me that, when I was 12, I told her that my DREAM in LIFE was to "Dress people up so that they feel good and then take photos of them".

So I guess, I am living my childhood dream! Thanks to YOU!

MISHAFOTOS #1 goal is to help people see their inner beauty.

So.. like... yah. I just had to share that.

xox Misha


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